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Divisional Priorities


Diversity, equity and inclusion are core values in the Division of Student Affairs and at the University of Maryland. We strive to prepare students for the realities of living and thriving in an increasingly diverse global society by integrating in and out-of-classroom learning experiences and helping students become better leaders and citizens.


The Division of Student Affairs understands that, in order to achieve economic prosperity for the university and to advance social equality for all, we must be committed to sustainability. We maintain a Sustainability Plan containing sustainability standards for all Student Affairs departments.


All Student Affairs employees have multiple roles, priorities, and challenges – as staff members, as partners, as parents, as children, and/or as members of communities.

The Division's Work-Life initiative promotes healthy work environments which are on the fore-front of work-life integration practices to ensure that Student Affairs has a staff-friendly work culture.

Learning Outcomes

The Student Affairs Assessment and Learning Outcomes Group (SAALOG) provides training and guidance about the practice of assessment, design of learning outcomes, and use of evidence-based findings to guide practice. Through these efforts, we enhance our practice and service to students, and seek to tell the story of student affairs contributions to the student experience.

Affinity Spaces

The Division of Student Affairs currently convenes staff affinity spaces related to many diverse interests. Affinity spaces are communities that are self-managed, conversation and activity-based. Building community and camaraderie with others who share an identity or interest is the goal of these groups.

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