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We Align Practices With Values

Cohesive policies, processes, and procedures support and reflect the work and values of the division. 

They provide direction to ensure our operations are consistent, equitable, and transparent. We will establish and maintain these essential tools.

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Goal 1: Establish a formal structure for managing divisional and departmental policy and procedure documents.

  • Formalize, standardize, and organize policy and procedure documents, including maintenance, format, and location. Explore policy management tools and software. 
  • Establish continuity and change management plans for policies and procedures, including training and communication.
  • Review and evaluate policies and procedures that apply to multiple departments.
  • Integrate inclusivity into all policy and procedural practices by using plain language in multiple language translations. 
  • Remove barriers to electronic access where they exist for staff.
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Goal 2: Systematize the review and evaluation of policies and procedures so that they align with departmental and divisional values and operations.

  • Define the policies and procedures that need review and evaluation, and inventory them.
  • Develop a measurable rubric or framework for evaluating policies and procedures, which includes a review schedule to ensure they support values and operations.
  • Work with policy and procedure owners to create a productive way to contribute feedback, request changes, and resolve differences.
  • Integrate inclusive excellence into all policy and procedural practices, including development, accessibility, communication, and application.

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