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Outstanding Service Award

The Division of Student Affairs Outstanding Service Award

The Division of Student Affairs began an awards process in 2003, to recognize the outstanding contributions of our "rising stars" and our "seasoned" staff. In 2005, the Student Affairs Awards Committee re-evaluated the process and created new criteria, new recognitions, and a new nomination process.

Once again we will be selecting recipients for the Student Affairs Outstanding Service Awards. Awards will be given to contract II, exempt, non-exempt and graduate student staff - without specific categories for each staff group. The nomination process is simple - only one letter of recommendation is required for each nomination. Award winners will be selected based on performance. Several award winners will be selected. Each award winner will receive recognition at the Year End Celebration, an awards luncheon with VPSA Patty Perillo and Council, and a choice between a financial award in their paycheck or Terrapin Express. Prizes are non-transferable.

The nomination process is entirely online. Please encourage your staff to nominate outstanding individuals in your department. Previous nominations may be updated and resubmitted.

Click here to nominate someone today!

Nominations are due by Monday, April 8, 2024 at 4 p.m. If you need additional information, please contact Sarah Williamson at or x4-8431.

We want the Student Affairs Awards process to be among the best. We want to recognize our most talented, hardworking staff members and we want the nomination process to be simple to complete. We hope you will help us with this effort!

Individuals are only able to receive this award one time during their employment with the Division of Student Affairs. Please view this pdf to see the list of previous recipients.

Nominations for the Outstanding Service Award must meet all of the following criteria: 

  • Exempt and non-exempt nominees must have served at least three years in the Division of Student Affairs; graduate assistants must have served at least one full year in the Division.
  • The nominee has performed exceptionally in all aspects of their positional responsibilities, and 
  • The nominee is supportive of the efforts of others and consistently exhibits the qualities and work ethic to which others would aspire, and 
  • The nominee has made direct and tangible contributions to quality customer service which have benefited external and/or internal customers of the Division, and
  • The nominee has demonstrated excellence in one of the areas for which they are being recognized, to include:
  • The nominee has successfully undertaken or initiated major improvements or innovations in their area of responsibility which produced significant results, and/or 
  • The nominee has successfully undertaken a major area of responsibility in addition to their regular responsibilities on behalf of the Division and campus students.

To complete the application process you should be prepared, in advance, with the following:

  • Details on your nominee:
    • Full name
    • Title
    • Department
    • Campus address
    • Campus work phone
    • Email
  • Your letter of nomination (not to exceed 500 words). Please prepare and save this nomination ahead of initiating this application as you will be asked to upload your letter to the nomination. If you need assistance writing a letter of nomination, please contact one of the committee members. They will direct you to a resource to assist you in submitting a nomination.
  • Undergraduate or Graduate students may serve as the nominator.
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