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A staff member with a microphone talks to an audience of other staff

We Thrive as One Division

Collaboration across departments and teams creates strategic advantages for resource access and better connects us to each other and our work.  

Partnerships and cooperation among our departments maximize the quality and cohesiveness of student outcomes, as each department's mission helps students thrive. 

A staff member with a microphone talks to an audience of other staff

Goal 1: Foster meaningful connections among staff to promote individual and community well-being.

  • Provide time and space for staff to interact with each other outside the business-related context. 
  • Permeate our workplace, events, and programs with evidence of our value of care.
  • Develop internships and mentorships so students can develop, engage, and connect with our division.  
  • Onboard all staff with intentional training and messaging to connect them to our mission, vision, and values.   
  • Create opportunities for staff at all levels to see how their work contributes to the whole. 
Staff listen to a speaker

Goal 2: Build a community based on our connection to our vision, mission, values, and each other.

  • Create opportunities for divisional leadership to engage with staff at all levels to build relationships and to model the values and behaviors that underscore our culture. 
  • Offer time and space for non-exempt staff to participate in connections, knowledge-building, and committee involvement opportunities.
  • Highlight our current work to support our community, and encourage staff at all levels to utilize these resources. 
  • Leverage technology to be better informed about each other’s work, celebrate achievements, support others through challenges, and build meaningful connections. 
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Goal 3: Act with a "One Division" mindset to achieve our mission in the most creative, efficient, and values-driven manner.

  • Promote adequate and equitable resourcing to solve institutional issues while considering the perspective of departments. 
  • Use intentional, collaborative initiatives to create unified student experiences, raise awareness of and access to resources, create efficiencies, and enhance communication between departments. 
  • Employ inclusive and transparent decision-making, while equipping all staff with rationale and information to understand the decisions. 
  • Invest in ways to unify our efforts to promote our values.

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