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Members of the Piscataway tribe gather for a Land Blessing at the opening of Yahentamitsi Dining Hall

We Create Caring and Inclusive Communities

Our goals coalesce around four key areas to transform organizational culture and behavior within the division. 

These areas are culture, climate, and community building; recruitment and retention; infrastructure; and learning and development. Focusing on these four areas is critical to integrating this work into all that we do. 

A group of students stand together in front of a mural with arms over each others shoulders

Goal 1: Cultivate a supportive and respectful climate that values differing perspectives and experiences. 

  • Build strategies to sustain an environment that acknowledges and celebrates diversity.
  • Employ inclusive excellence practices in daily operations.
  • Evolve a culture where all community members feel welcomed, valued, and have a sense of belonging.
  • Establish a restorative community of practice where the Division of Student Affairs comes together to build trust, community, and healing. 
ResFac staff gather on a roof of a building to take a photo together

Goal 2: Recruit and retain diverse staff at all levels.

  • Develop and implement policies and practices that ensure successful recruitment, retention, and promotion of staff with marginalized identities.
  • Support inclusive excellence within job descriptions and functions.
  • Enhance professional development and mentorship opportunities for staff, specifically those with marginalized identities, to facilitate retention and promotion.
A crowd looks on as VP for Student Affairs, Dr. Patty Perillo, speaks at the dedication of Johnson-Whittle Hall

Goal 3: Ground our infrastructure and decision-making in inclusion, diversity, equity, anti-racism, and social justice.

  • Ensure policies, practices, structures, resources, and metrics drive diversity, equity, inclusion, anti-racism and justice commitments. 
  • Demonstrate departmental accountability for strategic plan components.
  • Collaborate across departments to leverage and enhance inclusion, diversity, equity, anti-racism, and social justice programming, learning, and development.
  • Fully resource the Department of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. 
A staff member talks to a small group of other staff seated at a round table

Goal 4: Enhance competencies and build capacities related to inclusion, diversity, equity, anti-racism and social justice. 

  • Grow awareness, knowledge, and skills that center inclusive excellence in students and staff through division-wide learning and development opportunities. 
  • Promote a shared framework for divisional and departmental learning and development opportunities. 
  • Implement training and development on White supremacy characteristics in decision-making, policies, and practices.

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