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The sun sets next to McKeldin Library in the background while two students sit on the grass in the foreground

The Student Affairs Difference

Student rock climbing

Through co-curricular learning experiences we deliver outside the classroom, our students learn to: 

  • Engage Inquisitively: Terps engage with curiosity and innovation.
  • Practice Compassion: Terps seek to understand, then act with care.
  • Act with Courage: Terps do brave things.
  • Work for Justice: Terps work toward equity for all.

The Division of Student Affairs makes the difference between getting a college degree and getting an education. It’s where students figure out not just what they want to do in the world, but who they want to be.  It’s the difference between succeeding in the classroom and thriving for life. Student Affairs helps students come into their own and build strength—because solving the grand challenges of our time requires courage, resilience, and self-knowledge.

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