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Vision, Mission and Values


Every student thrives.


We are an inclusive community of care where every student can realize their full potential. Our intentional use of resources creates environments that support and enhance student learning and growth, engagement, belonging and health and well-being. 


Community ● Equity & Social Justice ● Learning & Growth ● Inclusive Excellence ● Innovation ● Integrity

We demonstrate interpersonal care, empathy, dignity, respect, and inclusive excellence as a way to invest in community.

We celebrate diversity and foster inclusion by embracing all voices, ideas, perspectives, identities, and experiences. We strive to ensure that every member of our diverse community has the support, opportunities, and resources according to their needs to be successful and thrive. We have an unwavering commitment to work toward justice by preparing students and staff to be leaders, advocates, and change-makers who are committed to building an anti-racist, socially just, and equitable society.

We learn through experience, studying, teaching, and by being taught. We recognize that we are lifelong learners committed to our own growth, the growth of students, and our Division. We embrace a growth mindset by recognizing that our abilities and knowledge are fluid and that through our investment in growth, our learning will continue to enhance our work.

We catalyze inclusion, diversity, equity, and anti-racism to achieve institutional and educational excellence. These commitments must be integrated into the core of our work, not viewed as discrete initiatives or isolated problems to be solved. Through the Inclusive Excellence lens, inclusion, diversity, equity, and anti-racism are embraced as essential elements in the pursuit of educational excellence.

We drive a culture of innovation that honors our values, transcends the status quo, and moves fearlessly forward. Our culture of innovation nurtures a willingness to take creative risks and fail forward. 

We show up for our students, ourselves, each other, and for our work, embracing honesty, transparency and respect. We commit to doing what is right by living in alignment with our shared values. With compassion, we hold ourselves and each other accountable for upholding this value.

Download a PDF of our Vision, Mission, and Values:

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