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RecWell staff in black polos take a photo on a staircase

We Invest In Our People

Our staff is our most valuable resource in achieving our vision, fulfilling our mission, and living up to our values. 

To ensure that our staff feels a sense of belonging and purpose, we commit to investing in them in three key areas: health and well-being; supervisor empowerment and accountability; and professional growth, development, and advancement.

Three member of Residential Facilties gather for a picture

Goal 1: Create a positive and supportive work environment that enhances job performance, and celebrates the intrinsic worth of all staff.

  • Provide staff and supervisors a framework for identifying early signs of burnout and equip them with practical strategies to mitigate and manage stress effectively.
  • Foster an organizational culture that promotes work-life balance and wellness.
  • Help supervisors and staff develop workload management strategies.
  • Improve business continuity.
  • Create systems for celebrating staff accomplishments and cultivating a passion for service.
A staff member with a microphone talks with other staff during a presentation

Goal 2: Advance the skills of supervisors, enhancing their ability to guide, support, and champion their teams.

  • Develop a comprehensive training course for Student Affairs supervisors that teaches them how to support staff in career development, workload management, wellness, communication, recognition and engagement, ethics, and diversity, equity, inclusion and justice. 
  •  Strengthen supervisory relationships throughout the division.
  • Review job descriptions, departmental structures, and compensation to ensure they are equitable and aligned across the division.
Staff members sit at a table and speak with other staff during a presentation

Goal 3: Deliver robust opportunities for skill development, comprehensive support in identifying career advancement pathways, and dedicated guidance to help staff achieve their professional goals.

  • Foster staff members' capacity to advocate for their professional interests and needs.
  • Build a comprehensive professional development program that provides regular opportunities for staff at all levels and classifications to expand and improve their personal and professional skill sets.  
  • Create pathways for mobility and growth within the exempt and non-exempt experience. 
  • Create opportunities for professional growth, career advancement, and skill and experience development, such as job sharing, cross-training, and externships.
  • Incentivize staff to develop their careers by offering funding for training and forging new professional development pathways. 
  • Equip staff with the tools that they need to succeed at their work.

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