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A bed of flowers with red flowers in the shape of an M with a building in the background.

We Strengthen Our Foundations

Our physical and financial infrastructures are the agents that provoke, speed, or halt significant change. 

We must continually evaluate our systems and services to create a conduit for equitable, sustainable, and community-driven progress across the division.

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Goal 1: Develop and implement a multi-year Student Affairs facility renewal plan.

  • Identify and prioritize the physical infrastructure needs for each Division of Student Affairs building.
  • Develop a Facilities Condition Assessment Program internally to monitor the condition of our buildings in real time.
  • Prioritize and schedule infrastructure repairs and improvements, anticipating risks and rewards for each project. 
  • Deliver a preventive and predictive maintenance program with new campus projects.
The Maryland M made up of flowers on a hill on Maryland's campus

Goal 2: Diversify income streams and identify divisional efficiencies to achieve department and divisional financial goals.   

  • Evaluate the benefits of aggregating resources from the Student Affairs departments and identify purchasing, staffing, and resource-sharing efficiencies. 
  • Explore the feasibility of replacing or supplementing the current self-supporting funding model with funding from the university, state, endowments, or corporate sponsorships.
  • Partner with academic units to explore how we can fund residence hall renewal. 
  • Develop a financially sustainable capital renewal and deferred maintenance funding plan for renewing existing infrastructure. 

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