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Two students sit facing each other on the ODK Fountain on McKeldin Mall

We Put Students First

We provide resources to co-create an inclusive, innovative community where students thrive.

We empower and challenge students to cultivate their well-being, empathy, resilience, civic engagement, and advocacy. We support the holistic development of students through curricular and co-curricular learning experiences that enhance their sense of purpose, belonging, and lifelong success. 

Two students sit at their laptops and are talking with each other

Goal 1: Transform students through co-curricular learning experiences so that they contribute to a diverse society.

  • Offer curricular and co-curricular experiences that promote personal growth, career readiness, and lifelong learning.
  • Map and assess learning experiences to UMD's Co-Curricular Learning Outcomes; attend to equity issues.
  • Build experiences for students to explore interests and develop skills and agency to participate actively in their learning and development.
  • Increase collaborations with student, divisional, academic, and other campus partners to enhance students' access to and use of programs and resources.
A group of students attempt to catch a frisbee while playing outdoors

Goal 2: Prioritize physical, mental, and social well-being grounded in self-understanding.

  • Develop definitions and aspirations grounded in national trends to unite campus efforts related to students' well-being, and physical and mental health.
  • Assess, reimagine, and recreate current programmatic, resource and service offerings.
  • Implement culturally relevant and equity-centered resources and programs that meet the present moment.
  • Promote anti-racist efforts that enhance the well-being of all students and the community.         
  • Strengthen collaborations with students, campus partners, alumni, families, and the local community to enhance holistic student wellness. 
Two students at an outdoor fair shake hands across a table

Goal 3: Empower students to develop a sense of belonging and agency. 

  • Cultivate pathways for developing community through civic engagement, campus employment, student organizations, and residence hall communities.
  • Educate the campus community about the role that students, families, staff, faculty, alumni, and administrators have in empowering students’ equitable access and utilization of existing campus resources.
  • Empower students to use and practice their agency to co-create inclusive communities and environments that prioritize accessibility, safety and well-being.
  • Collaborate with students to identify and resolve inequities and injustices, eliminate barriers, and increase access to success in college, career, and life beyond UMD.

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