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University Student Judiciary Scholarship Fund

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About The University Student Judiciary

The University Student Judiciary Scholarship Fund was established in 2013 to provide critical support to USJ members facing financial hardship. The USJ Scholarship Fund supports those students who have made distinguished contributions to the academic integrity and ethical development program in the Division of Student Affairs.

For more information about the University Student Judiciary visit: 

How to Apply

For more information on how to apply for a USJ Scholarship, please contact us at 301-314-4900 or

Past Scholars

Portrait of Julia Kallaur

Julia Kallaur

2022-2023 Scholar
Portrait of Miara Sasdi

Miara Sasdi

2022-2023 Scholar
Portrait of Zoe Singer

Zoe Singer

2021-2022 Scholar
Portrait of Daisy Yu

Daisy Yu

2020-2021 Scholar
Portrait of Marissa Elkinson

Marissa Elkinson

2020-2021 Scholar
Portrait of Allyson Croxton

Allyson Croxton

2019-2020 Scholar
Portrait of Renee Paulraj

Renee Paulraj

2019-2020 Scholar
Portrait of Seungtaek Oh

Seungtaek Oh

2019-2020 Scholar
Portrait of Guarika Mester

Guarika Mester

2018-2019 Scholar
Portrait of Erin Farley

Erin Farley

2018-2019 Scholar
Portrait of Kaylee Towey

Kaylee Towey

2018-2019 Scholar
Portrait of Julia Mikolajczak

Julia Mikolajczak

2018-2019 Scholar
Portrait of Manisha Sunil

Manisha Sunil

2017-2018 Scholar
Portrait of Katherine Taylor

Katherine Taylor

2017-2018 Scholar
Portrait of Anna Bieganowska

Anna Bieganowska

2017-2018 Scholar
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