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The Dean of Students is here to support Terps that are having trouble meeting their financial obligations, are looking to address food insecurity issues, or are just looking for assistance in navigating a complex university life. Consider us your connection  to other offices at UMD that can provide you with specific resources and support.

Students must submit a completed withdrawal form to the Office of the Registrar no later than the last day of classes. In exceptional cases, a retroactive withdrawal may be granted based on documented requests in which extenuating circumstances occur. Students may request a withdrawal at any time between the first and the last day of classes for the semester.

Start by getting in contact with your professors and explaining that you need an extension on any assignments or class work assigned during the time you miss. If you face any issues, please let our office know and we can work on contacting your instructors.

UMD provides free and confidential therapy to help UMD students manage personal, social, and academic challenges. 

  • The Counseling Center provides a maximum of eight free individual counseling sessions per 12-month period. After these sessions, you can either continue therapy using insurance or be referred to outside counseling. 
  • The University Health Center’s Behavioral Health Services also offers multiple services such as stress management, light therapy, and wellness coaching. 
  • For emergency situations, please contact 911 after hour crisis line at 301.314.7651. 

Located in the lower level of the South Campus Dining Hall, UMD’s Campus Pantry alleviates food insecurity and provides a safe space to distribute emergency food to current UMD students. Visit their website for hours and more information. Individual appointments are also available. The student government association has allocated $5,000 which will provide over 166 cards, which is over 1,660 meals, to students who have very low food insecurity. The student Crisis Fund offers students 10 dining hall meal swipes on a card to use and these cards will be distributed to several offices on campus to ensure fast distribution to the students in need. Prince George’s county also has over 30 different pantries available to students. Please call 301-909-6343 to get information and assistance within your particular area of the County.

UMD and the Dean of Students offer a student crisis fund for students who have an unexpected critical situation and need immediate financial support. If you need assistance, please email at or call 301.314.8204.

  • Fostering Terp Success is a campuswide community of support and belonging for students who have a history of foster care involvement, are experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity, and lack a supportive family system. 
  • Apply for one of the emergency funds that UMD offers to students. 


The Student Success Office will be the place to go to start your re-enrollment. Their website will provide you with the re-enrollment application and the other steps you need to complete in order to reapply. You can also contact them at  301-405-2793  or

Typically, if a student has missed three or more classes we ask instructors to first contact the student. If you do not hear back from the student, you can inform the Dean of Students at  Please include the student’s name and UID. 

  1. What should I do about a student who has been exhibiting erratic behavior?
    • Pull the student aside and try to ask them if there is anything going on. If the behavior continues, ask them if they would like to be walked to the counseling center if you both feel comfortable. We also recommend submitting a student of concern report
  2. What should I do  about a student who has threatened themselves or others?
    • If you believe that there is immediate danger to the student or to others, you should call 911 immediately. If the student has brought these issues to your attention but you do not believe there is an immediate threat, we recommend submitting a student of concern report. If you are unsure whether there is an immediate threat, you should call 911.
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