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How to Access Required Wellness Training

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Who is required to take the Wellness Training Courses?

All incoming first year and transfer students must complete wellness training. Success of the program is based upon population-level prevention, a concept that recognizes that students’ choices likely impact those of their peers. Providing new students with a consistent message about these issues can encourage thoughtful conversations, inspire a shift in behaviors, and highlight a campus culture that values healthy choices.

You-MD: Incoming First Year and Transfer Student Substance Use Training

"You-MD" is a required training for all incoming first year and transfer students at the University of Maryland, which covers foundational prevention education for alcohol and opioid misuse prevention. You-MD is hosted on ELMS.

What is ELMS?

Enterprise Learning Management System (ELMS-Canvas) provides an online environment for students and instructors to extend the classroom with comprehensive functionality. This is the environment that houses University of Maryland Courses. 

Accessing the ELMS Platform

  1. Visit the Open Learning catalog page for You-MD. Register for the non-credit course titled “You-MD: Incoming First Year and Transfer Student Substance Use Training”.

  2. Enroll in the course using your Directory ID and password (Of note, there is no cost associated with this course).

  3. With your Directory ID and Password, log into your ELMS page at

  4. You will see “You-MD” listed under the “Courses” button on the left sidebar menu.This training includes an Introduction Video and five subsequent modules. 

  5. You must complete all of the course modules and receive a score of 80% or higher in all assessments to pass the course.  Assessments in this course have unlimited attempts. Once completed, you will receive a Certificate of Completion, save this for your records.The training is self-paced, and is designed to be fully completed in under two hours.

Sexual Assault Prevention

This course helps develop accurate perceptions of social norms, increases empathy and support for survivors, and increases students’ ability to intervene and prevent sexual assault. Sexual Assault Prevention is hosted on Vector.

What is Vector?

VectorSolutions (Vector) is a higher education learning platform through which students access interactive, online courses designed to provide awareness, prevention and training to students about important issues including sexual assault prevention.

Accessing the Vector Training Platform

Students who need to complete the wellness training requirement are identified in advance and accounts are created by the wellness training administrators. An email invitation is sent to the email address on file with the university with log in instructions. The training platform can also be accessed on the Vector training site.

Note that students need to have an account created for them in advance of taking the course (it is not possible to register via this URL above). If students have not received a welcome email, would like to update their email address or encounter a message that states they do not have an account, please contact for assistance in being registered.

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