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Diversity Initiative Projects

Student Affairs Diversity Initiative (SADI) Mission

SADI is a representative body of the 14 departments in DSA
that is focused on:

  • expanding the development of skills and awareness for staff and students that would serve them in a diverse society
  • building multicultural capacities among staff to enhance their work in a diverse campus
  • community through existing resources, programs, and trainings
  • fostering collaboration and synergy in diversity initiatives and priorities amongst
  • departments in the division

This group will assist the Vice President for Student Affairs, Assistant Vice President of Engagement, Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for Student Affairs, and the Student Affairs Leadership Team (SALT) in advising and facilitating diversity initiatives across the division. SADI will be divided into 5 sub-committees:

  • Multicultural Competency Framework & Training Sub-Committee
  • Student Affairs Diversity and Inclusion Student Group (DISG)
  • Communications
  • Outreach & Engagement

Sub-Committees and Initiatives

Multicultural Competency Framework & Training Sub-Committee

The Multicultural Competency Framework and Training sub-committee will support DSA efforts in educating staff and students within the SADI framework and focus on building skills and knowledge bases that contribute to inclusive and affirming climates.
Objective 1: Bolster the Multicultural Competency and Capacity Framework with citations from NASPA and ACPA and make these resources available via the SADI website.
Objective 2: Coordinate and facilitate presentations and consultations that enable DSA staff to pursue development of capacities and departments to plan continuing staff development activities.
Objective 3: Organize self-guided learning resources (TED Talks, articles, Resource Bank, etc.) and make these available on the SADI website and/or Google Drive.
Objective 4: Identify a group of division staff who are able and available to present competency training and development sessions for professional staff.

Student Affairs Diversity Advisory Council (SADAC)

The Student Affairs Diversity Advisory Council is a leadership body representing the diverse student community at Maryland and serves in an advisory and programming capacity to SADI.
Objective 1: To support the Division’s vision to prepare students for the realities of living and thriving in an increasingly diverse global society by integrating in and out-of-classroom learning experiences and helping students build their capacities as leaders and citizens.
Objective 2: SADAC engages with SADI regularly on consultations around SADI’s projects, particularly with respect to campus climate, program creation, progress on student demands, and marketing to students.
Objective 3: SADAC serves as a medium through which the complex, interacting and at times conflicting stakes, perspectives, and sentiments among the communities are heard, considered, and reflected to the Division and University leadership in order to better serve students and enhance learning.


The Communications sub-committee will promote SADI’s efforts and progress through various media sources.
Objective 1: Establish and maintain a website describing SADI, its goals and projects, publishing related documents, and publicizing activities and opportunities in which staff may become involved.
Objective 2: Establish web-links to resources, programs, and functions as they are created and become available.
Objective 3: Support all SADI sub-committee efforts by making existing department efforts and staff development curricula visible via the SADI website.
Objective 4: Serve as a liaison for the DSA affinity groups and coordinate a meeting every semester to receive feedback and provide guidance to club leaders.

Outreach & Engagement

The Outreach and Engagement sub-committee will work to use on and off campus resources and expertise to build the knowledge and skills of UMD members that touch upon challenges we face in society. They will build relationships with stakeholders to stay attuned to our campus climate and create avenues that foster inclusion.
Objective 1: Plan a series of discussions, dialogues, panels and presentations through Indabas that will achieve a shared understanding of philosophies, pedagogies and conceptual basis for individual’s and Department’s efforts.
Objective 2: Continue to create, support, and imbed TerrapinSTRONG onboarding and initiatives to introduce staff to UMD’s history, community, traditions, values, and expectations for fostering an inclusive campus environment.
Objective 3: Serve as a liaison for the DSA book club groups and coordinate a meeting every semester to receive feedback and provide guidance to group leaders.
Objective 4: Describe practices at two levels: Foundational and Aspirational.


The SADI/SAHR sub-committee is a collaboration between SADI and SAHR (Student Affairs Human Resources) to address concerns related to human resource areas for underrepresented communities such as onboarding, recruiting, managing policies, bias, evaluations, and retaining a diverse staff.
Objective 1: Examine and catalog components of current DSA multicultural competency/capacity development efforts with links to Performance Review and Development plans.
Objective 2: Draft text for inclusion in PRD forms under Supplemental Performance.
Objective 3: Draft training outline for preparation of supervisors for implementation of PRD.
Objective 4: Make recommendations for constructive department context.

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