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Student Success Emergency Scholarship (SSES) Fund

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About The Student Success Emergency (SSES) Scholarship

The Student Success Emergency Scholarship (SSES) Fund at the University of Maryland is designed to help students who face extraordinary hardships to stay in school. The scholarship was created to assist students with unforeseen financial difficulties who cannot pay their past or current semesters tuition bill.

About The Fund

UMSuccess is a program designed to help raise the graduation and retention rates of at risk students.


How to Apply

For more information on how to apply for the Student Success Emergency Scholarship Fund please contact Tony Randall at 301-405-8963 or

To be eligible, students must have explored all other University financial supports such as having their Estimated Family Contribution adjusted and/or applying for Keep Me Maryland funds prior to requesting SSES Funds. Students must demonstrate that other sources of funding are unavailable. All applicants will be asked for basic information to describe the circumstances of the emergency need and what other sources of funds are available. The details of a student's circumstances will be kept confidential.


Student Impact

"Having to pay for tuition after experiencing an involuntary loss of family income was something I could have never imagined. The University of Maryland, College Park was my number one choice for college attendance, and I am thankful to the SSES fund for helping me finish strong."

- Student Success Emergency Scholarship Fund Recipient



"Dropping out of school to work never crossed my mind until I was faced with overwhelming financial hardship during my sophomore year. Navigating the resources on campus that aid students in distress was a cumbersome task-- much like finding a needle in a haystack. But through the help of a classmate, I was introduced to Mr. Randall and Dr. Kelley who were people that listened to my story and directed me to exactly where I needed to go. Their goal was to keep me in school and they not only accomplished that, they also provided me with guidance and wisdom I'll use for the rest of my life. I graduated with a government and politics degree in May 2014 and in the fall of 2015, I will be attending Columbia University for graduate school. Without the Student Success Initiative, I may not be where I am today."

- Andrew Mulinge'14



"Striving for academic excellence has been a way of life since I can remember. All my hard work finally paid off when I was accepted to the University of Maryland in 2012. Although I expected to face my fair share of financial obstacles as an out-of-state student, I never imagined funding my education would be as difficult as it has been. Struggling to pay for tuition and other college related expenses impacted my academic performance and took a toll on my optimistic mindset. Thankfully, I connected with the right people early on in my academic journey. Tony Randall and members of the Student Success Initiative, who I met at the end of my freshman year, have diligently worked to find and provide me with financial resources during my time here at UMD. Without the help of faculty like Tony, I'm not sure if graduating on time would still be a part of my plan."

- Alexandra Givan ‘15



"It was winter 2015, 2 weeks prior to school starting, and I found my self with a large bill that I couldn't possible afford at the time. I was going through one of the roughest times in my life and I didn't know whether or not I was going to be enrolled in school the following the semester, I felt lost. Although I didn't not know how I was going to solve this issue I decided to do something about my situation. I took a trip to the financial aid office and asked for help; I was denied help and was asked to take out a loan. However that was not an option for me therefore I decided to literally go downstairs and begin knocking on doors to seek help and that’s when I randomly ran into a friend of mine and told him about my situation. After we talked for a few minutes he mentioned two gentlemen names who changed my life, Mr. Warren and Tony. After researching and going to multiple buildings in order to find out who they were I finally was them and within a few days my situation changed, they introduced to the right people who could of helped me despite of what the front desk individuals at Financial Aid told. I am planning to graduate in Spring 2016 and I don’t think I would made it this far without their help. Thank you again and God Bless you!"

- Ivan Nlondock ‘16



"As a first generation college student, I've had my fair share of challenges. But nothing prepared me for the challenge I faced my senior year at the University of Maryland. In the summer of 2015, I was enrolled in the final course I needed to fulfill my degree requirements and become the first person in my family to graduate college. More than half way through the summer semester, I was abruptly dropped from my class for non-payment. I was frantic. I lost access to all course material including homework and quizzes. To make matters worse, the final exam was two weeks away. I needed a solution and I needed one fast. That's when I was referred to Mr. Tony Randall of the Student Success Initiative. Mr. Randall began working on my case immediately after I reached out to him. Within a week, I was re-enrolled in my class and regained access to all of the course content I lost previously. Throughout the process, Mr. Randall expressed genuine concern for me and ensured I had the resources I needed to succeed. Thanks to the Student Success Initiative, I successfully completed my degree requirements and graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Business Management from the R.H. Smith School of Business. It's programs like the Student Success Initiative and people like Mr. Randall that makes this university special."

- Jonathan ‘16

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