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Female students wearing a red 'Fear the Turtle' tshirt walking in a crowd of people on the sidewalk near the Mall.

Concerned About a Student

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The BETA (Behavior Evaluation and Threat Assessment) Team evaluates reports about University of Maryland students who are concerning, disruptive, or threatening.

We bring expertise from various functional areas: public safety (policing), mental health (psychiatry and social work), counseling (psychology), student conduct, and student affairs to assess concerning behavior and to develop strategies to support the well-being and academic success of all students.

It is rare for our students to be disruptive, threatening, or violent.

But sometimes students behave (whether in or out of the classroom) in ways that faculty, staff, other students, or parents/families may consider concerning or alarming.

Examples may include:

  • Being disorderly, disruptive, or verbally aggressive- expressing uncontrollable anger, hostility, or frustration;
  • Acting bizarrely, disturbed, or odd for that person;
  • Threatening physical harm – in person, on the phone, or electronically;
  • Being a threat to oneself - suicidal ideation; and/or
  • Possessing a weapon, being violent, or damaging property*

What to do if you have a concern

  • If you are concerned about a student for whatever reason, contact the police or any member of the BETA Team.
  • Call 911 or University Police in emergencies such as weapon possession, violence (including suicide threat or attempt), immediate disruption or property damage.

Early intervention is important. See something, say something, do something. We invite you to review our resource on how to assist students in distress.


Contact BETA

  • 301-314-BETA (2382)
  • Call 911 or University Police at 301-405-3333 for emergencies such as possession of a weapon, violence, or destruction of property.

Contact UMPD

  • Dial 911 from campus phones
  • Dial 301-405-3555 from any off-campus phone
  • Dial #3333 from any Verizon Wireless, ATT, Sprint/Nextel or T-Mobile cell phone
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