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Diversity, equity, and excellence are core values of the Division of Student Affairs educational mission which is to maximize the potential of students by cultivating their personal, social, and intellectual development. Our vision for the Division is to prepare students for the realities of living and thriving in an increasingly diverse global society by integrating in and out-of-classroom learning experiences and helping students build their capacities as leaders and citizens. In an effort to achieve this vision, we will launch and provide on-going support to diversity initiatives that are guided by the following overarching goals:

  • Expand and enrich opportunities for students' learning about diversity in both curricular and applied diversity learning activities accompanied by assessments of their learning through increased inter and intra-Divisional collaborations.
  • Actively promote learning experiences for students both within and across their sub-communities of identity which are designed to help them imagine their own futures and develop tools and experiential repertoires that maximize their individual potentials.
  • Support Division staff members as they invest in the development of their own multicultural capacities as a product of our success in making the value we place upon diversity visible, practical, and purposeful for our staff.
  • Establish the Division as a model for its engagement and commitment to issues of equity, for its recruitment and retention of a diverse professional workforce, and for the collaborative and inclusive climates in each of its Departments.
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