The University of Maryland Social Media Conference
Wednesday, August 1 | The Stamp


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Alison Scott, Senior Manager, Corporate Communications, Hilton

Alison Scott manages corporate communications and public relations for Hilton. She is passionate about the travel and tourism industry and has over a decade of experience working with hotels, tourism boards, touring companies and travel non-profits.

Alison holds a Masters in International Relations and a Bachelor of Communications in Public Relations. When not at Hilton, you’ll find her exploring, biking, or hiking trails in, or around, DC or trying to find the best coffee in the area.

2018 Presentations

Keynote Address | Hands-On Social Media: Know & Own Your Social Strategy
Alison Scott
, Senior Manager, Corporate Communications, Hilton

Picture Perfect: Designing for Social Media
Diedre Couey, Coordinator for Communications, Honors College
Eric Johnsen, Digital Experience Designer, Strategic Communications
Michelle Watson, Coordinator of Public Relations & Marketing, University Career Center & The President’s Promise

Visuals are a critical component in ensuring you communicate effectively in your social media posts. In this session, learn from some pros on how you can create graphics and other visuals that make an impact! Participants with limited graphic design knowledge will walk away with practical tips and recommendations for tools to help them make more professional-looking visuals.

Give It a Boost: Strategic Advertising for Every Budget
Rika Dixon White, Director of Marketing and Guest Experience, College of Arts and Humanities - Performing Arts, The Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center
Marty Summa, Director of Social/Digital Media and Branding, University of Maryland Athletics

Social media is increasingly a “pay to play” space - but that doesn’t mean you need a large budget to see results. From simple boosted posts to large-scale advertising campaigns, come learn about how to advertise on social media to support your marketing goals and when and where to get the most bang for your buck. We’ll cover the ins and outs of reaching the right audience and using Facebook Ads Manager.

What To Do When Things Go Wrong: Social Media in a Crisis
Katie Lawson, Chief Communications Officer, Strategic Communications
Danielle Tarr, Social Media Manager, Strategic Communications

We've seen the headlines: "viral tweet raises scandal;" "brand's social media account hacked;" "public figure responds to social media outcry." We all hope it never happens to us, but what do we do if it does? In this session, Strategic Communications' Danielle Tarr and Katie Lawson walk us through the do's and don'ts of social media crises. The presentation will cover both crises that start on social media, as well as campus emergency management steps and guidelines for social media managers.

Top 10 Things You Need to Know to Succeed on Social at UMD
Cynthia Martinez, Director of Brand Marketing, Strategic Communications
Danielle Tarr, Social Media Manager, Strategic Communications

You've gotten the hang of writing tweets and managing your accounts, but what about video captions, or two-step verification, or the troll that keeps commenting on your Facebook posts? Learn these top ten steps to make sure you're crossing your social media t's and dotting your i's. The presentation will cover best practices including accessibility basics on various platforms, tools and tips to keep your accounts secure, adhering to brand guidelines and advertising best practices, and when and how to respond to comments online.

Ready on Set: Useful Video Production Tips for Beginners & Beyond
Matt Ehrichs, Multimedia Producer, A. James Clark School of Engineering
Gabe Unterman, Director of Multimedia Production, Strategic Communications
Ronald A. Yaros, Associate Professor and Director of Ph.D. Studies, Philip Merrill College of Journalism

By 2019, nearly a million minutes of video will be shared every second. A Facebook video on average receives 135 percent more organic reach than a photo. And by 2021, video is projected to make up 82 percent of all internet traffic. Learn how you can tap into this incredible popularity of video to expand your reach and boost engagement with your audiences. Whether you're planning a larger project with a production team or headed to an event armed only with your phone, this session will shed light on dos and don'ts for effectively communicating with your audiences through video.

Data That Matters: Social Media Analytics for Decision-Making
Danielle Tarr, Social Media Manager, Strategic Communications

Retweets, likes, impressions, conversions; social media platforms offer a wealth of metrics to help social media managers, but how do we use metrics to see what's working and what's not? Participants will get an in-depth look into which metrics matter and how to learn from them to optimize social media content and campaigns, set goals for improvement and communicate impact to leadership.

Long Story Short: Successful Instagram & Snapchat Stories
Golshan Jalali, Media & Digital Communications Coordinator, Office of Community Engagement
Cameron Thurston, Communications & Logistics Coordinator, Office of Community Engagement
Andrew Muir, Communications Manager, Office of Sustainability
Whitney Schepf, Marketing & Graphic Design Coordinator, STAMP

Stories are quickly becoming a social media staple. Stories can captivate your audience, show authenticity and bring them into your world. Whether you're promoting an event or handing over the account for awesome student takeovers, this session is sure to equip you with tools and tips to help make stories work for you. Learn what makes a good story, how they can increase audience engagement, tips to integrate stories into your social media strategy, and see some examples of successful Instagram and Snapchat stories around campus.

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School of Public Policy and The Do Good Institute

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Office of Strategic Communications

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Office of Strategic Communications

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University of Maryland Graduate School

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Vice President’s Office for Student Affairs

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Office of Strategic Communications

Anjanette Riley
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Office of Strategic Communications

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University Career Center & The President’s Promise