Student Stories

Being a Terrapin is great! Students on campus get involved, join organizations, eat Dairy ice cream, play club sports and find all kinds of ways to make their University of Maryland experience unique.

Chelsea Brown
Dance, 2015
My favorite thing about the University of Maryland is that there are a limitless number of opportunities to do here—which is both a blessing and a curse. I have a habit of not saying “no” to the opportunities that cross my path, cramming as much as possible into my schedule, thus, landing me in ODK. This isn’t a bad habit, it’s provided me with... Read more
Megan Katz
Supply-Chain Management, 2014
Leaving the University of Maryland for a semester sounds unbearable to a lot of students. I know that temporarily saying goodbye to close friends, interactive dialogue, extracurricular opportunities, and a lot of free t-shirts was a difficult decision for me. Even though taking time off meant pushing the ‘pause button’ on my undergraduate experience, I knew... Read more
Vaughn Midder
Communication Studies and Theatre, 2014
When I became a Terp back in Fall 2010, our school motto was “Impossible Starts Here,” and even though our motto has changed since then, the philosophy has remained; this is what makes UMD so great! I’ve had the opportunity to do things I would have never anticipated. Until recently, I always assumed traveling internationally was something I wouldn’t be... Read more
Tony Belton
Sociology, 2015
One of the many things that makes Maryland so unique is its’ renowned Judicial System that gives students the opportunity to play key roles in Maryland’s Judiciary process.  Unlike some schools where faculty members are the dominant figures in deciding responsibility in cases alleging academic dishonesty, assault, theft, or various other violations,... Read more