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Students, one seated and two standing, talk outdoors on brick, half-wall in front of blooming trees

Sophomore Year Experience

More fun. More friends. More community.

Hey, Sophomores! We are excited to welcome you to campus for Fall 2021 for what is certain to be a more enriching and more engaging experience! We know it's been a long road getting here, and we're all ready to be in community together again! There are so many opportunities for you to be engaged, meet new friends, find connections, and tap into the vast resources available to you!


Recognizing last year was atypical, we want you to know there is MORE for the CLASS OF 2024 this year! More fun. More friends. More connections. More resources. More community. And, MORE opportunities for engagement!

More for UMD 2024 word mark in black on a white background

Look for this symbol at events and programs this fall to find spaces to be among fellow sophomores like you!

Visit TerpLink for a full schedule of events
I am More button in black text on a white background

Get Your #MoreFor2024 Pin and Sticker

Grab the special buttons and stickers just for sophomores at fall events like Terps After Dark and First Look Fair or at locator booths, the Stamp, and other locations!

Show us your Class of 2024 pride!

Once you’ve got your button or stickers, stick ‘em on your backpack, laptop, water bottle, or shirt for a way to meet and connect with other sophomores. If a #UMD2024 ambassador spots you displaying them, you may even get a FREE PRIZE!

Look for the "MORE for #UMD2024" symbol at events this fall and get connected so you can DO MORE this semester.

We are here for you, Class of 2024, and we want you to find your place here on campus and join the many events and programs that are happening! This is your Maryland, and there is so much MORE here for the Class of 2024 this fall!

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