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Be a part of the solution! TerpCycle is a Google group for university members to sell, give away or search for used or new items. Join and use this group to give away something you no longer need or want. Or earn a few bucks and sell your items of value. You  must be a University of Maryland community member (staff, faculty or student) and use your University email address so we can validate your membership.

See the details at http://go.umd.edu/terpcycle

You may list personal (not work) items that you no longer want and wish to either give away or sell. Post your item in the subject, in the email describe the color, size, etc. You can attach a photo if that helps. Individuals will email you directly if they are interested. To email the list, send to terpcycle@umd.edu, or click the "NEW TOPIC" button if you're on the website.

In the subject please use one of the appropriate topics to start your mailing, examples:

  • FREE: working coffee maker
  • SALE: newish blender $20
  • WANTED: old comic books for 6-year old boys

When your item is gone come back to https://go.umd.edu/terpcycle and DELETE your posting. Items older than 60 days will be deleted.


The University or the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs assumes no responsibility for any items listed here or the communication between employees. We will not intercede in any discussions on or from this list. Please, keep it clean, keep it safe and legal, keep it nice.