SAALOG Stories - Student Affairs Development and External Relations

John Morton

Development Associate

Learning Domain: Cultivate Personal and Interpersonal Skills and Technical Skills

Over the past two years, I've worked for the Office of Development, the experience I've gained as a student employee has helped me grow into a more efficient and effective member of not only the UMD community but the workforce as a whole.

I can still remember how nervous I was on my first day at work: it was my first time in an office setting and I felt very out of place. I wasn't used to working with either parents or business representatives in a corporate environment, but thanks to the time I've spent working at the office I now feel comfortable when assisting families and businesses alike. The work in corporate outreach, fundraising and sponsorship that I've been able to assist with at the office has allowed me to cultivate my skills in business communication.

The training and feedback given by my colleagues at the office, as well as the incredible work opportunities I have been offered, are opportunities that I will be grateful to have for the rest of my life.​