SAALOG Stories - Resident Life

Lois Pak

Office Assistant for R&A & Resident Assistant

Learning Domain: Enhance Cognitive Skills, Improve Life Skills, Technical Skills

Student Affairs has played an integral role in making my UMD experience so memorable. As a full-time student, it is not easiest to balance my education while looking for part-time work. Student Affairs has enabled me to be flexible with my schedule as they prioritize my education first. All of my supervisors have been very supportive of my academic endeavors as I try to navigate my career interests in the four years I've attended UMD. 

I have been a Resident Assistant in Leonardtown and South Campus Commons for three years and an Office Assistant for the Office of Rights & Responsibilities and Research & Assessment for one year. Both of these jobs have taught me valuable experiences that have been useful in advancing my career goals. As a Resident Assistant, I have been able to interact with so many people of diverse cultures and backgrounds. As an Office Assistant, I have gained both research and administrative experience to put on my resume. Both of these jobs have helped advance my own career goals as a Public Policy major. I have been able to use my work experiences from my on-campus jobs during interviews for internships and jobs. 

My jobs as a Resident Assistant and an Office Assistant have helped me land my summer 2019 internship. The valuable experiences from my jobs helped me gain a competitive edge from other applicants through the professional work environment and customer service skills I've acquired that employers are looking for. During my interview, I was able to talk about the projects I've worked on that fit the requirement section of the internship. My supervisors are also wonderful references to give to employers, as all of my past supervisors want me to be successful in future career vocations. Never think any on-campus job may be irrelevant to your future career, as your past job experiences present great career opportunities! Student Affairs is great for students who need a part-time job and want to elevate their professional experience simultaneously!