SAALOG Stories - Fraternity & Sorority Life

Maxwell Strasser​

Chapter President of Alpha Epsilon Pi

Learning Domain: Cultivate Personal and Interpersonal Skills, Improve Life Skills


Samuel Berman​

Student Employee

Learning Domain: Improve Life Skills

From my time working at the front desk in the Department of Fraternity and Sorority, I have found myself to develop a solid sense of patience. Sometimes, there can be times where the office is incredibly busy and I'm working to help multiple people. Other times, someone has come into the office or called the front desk with questions that are either convoluted or meant for another office in the building. Through all of these instances, I have found the importance of patience and keeping a cool head. Showing patience to those you interact with can help everyone involved reach the outcome they desire.

As a member of the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity, I have developed a better sense of new perspectives about a variety of topics. Being in a fraternity placed me in an environment where I have become close with people from many places around the country. By spending time and becoming closer with these people, I have been able to learn about different viewpoints on everything from the mundane to the serious.