SAALOG Stories - Career Center



Nicole Marfo

Intern for a Day





• An opportunity to “try on” a possible career option
• Experience a potential workplace environment
• Network with professionals in an industry of interest.
“Initially, I was unsure of whether I wanted to participate in the IFAD program because I believed that spending only one day being an intern would not be rewarding, yet, I am glad I decided to continue with the program because that one day turned out to be the best day in my whole semester! 
I interned with a Urogynecologist at the Medstar Washington Hospital Center, and I can confidently say that I enjoyed every moment I spent at that hospital. I was given the opportunity to witness a labor and the highlight of my day was when the nurse that was helping the mother deliver her baby asked me if I wanted to help with the delivering process. I was ecstatic when she asked me to hold one of the mother's legs so that it would be easier for her to push. I honestly believe labor and delivery is such a rewarding field because after 3 hours of witnessing the mother struggle to push, the look on her face when she finally was able to meet her baby boy was priceless.

I would most definitely urge anyone who is interested in participating in the IFAD program to follow through with that interest and apply, not only because this program can help you discover what field you are truly interested in, but also because it may lead to a full time internship in the future.”


Owen Kahn

Intern for a Day





“My name is Owen Kahn, and I am a second year government and politics/history double major here at UMD. Intern for a Day placed me with Prince George’s County Council Member Todd Turner, and he invited me to come down the county administration building and shadow him for two days. 
My experience there was incredible. It was my first time seeing government work first hand and it reaffirmed my passion for what I study. Nothing compares to the firsthand experience you get observing the people working in your field, and in just two days I felt like I learned more than I could in an entire semester of class. Not only did I get to shadow Council Member Turner, I got to help work with the staff on important projects, meet other people in the office, and speak before the council to introduce myself. While I was there, I even made connections with another Council Member who was looking for interns, and because of my experience there I was able to get an internship for this semester!
Intern for a Day is an incredible opportunity, and I encourage everyone to take advantage of it. I look forward to doing it again this year!”


The Agora







• An opportunity to learn about organization, industry and career
• Increase awareness of career possibilities
• Network with professionals in an industry of interest

"This event was an invaluable experience for me. I came in to it not knowing much about the company or even my own career interests, but hearing the Agora team describe their company helped me to connect the dots of what I want to do, and the trip made me really interested in the company itself. I was really impressed by it all and Agora has shot to the top of my list!"
"This was a great session. It was informal, but very informative and I learned about this company and their industry. I will definitely be applying and hopefully will attend more trips like this with the Career Center in the future."
"This event was a fantastic way to provide more knowledge and resources about the company. Visiting has only made me more enthusiastic about potential job opportunities there."
"An exceptional experience that was informative and opened my mind. Demonstrated sills that are vital for innovators, such as entrepreneurship, independent thinking and communication."
Postscript:  Jenna Klaverweiden, Double Degree in English & American Studies
Jenna attended the career shuttle to The Agora, a conglomerate of publishing, information services, and real estate industries in Spring 2017 as a junior. She became inspired by their opportunities and decided to apply full-time upon graduation in May 2018. She worked closely with University Career Center staff to make sure her application materials were perfect. She recently landed a full-time job there as Copy Editor in the Oxford Club Division.