SAALOG Stories - Adele H. Stamp Student Union


By being employed in STAMP, 85% will be able to routinely provide service that is positive, interpersonal, informative, professional, and solution-orientated.


Julia Mattson

Office Assistant



"My experience as an STAMP employee has prepared me for the workforce after graduation through encouraging me to provide excellent quality work. Working in the Administrative Office, strengthening my customer service, and problem-solving skills. One of my responsibilities includes greeting the third floor’s visitors. I have learned and practiced welcoming all visitors with positivity and kindness in addition to asking what I can do for each. Being that most of the visitors are other student employees, I have come to understand their questions and concerns regarding payroll and paperwork. Therefore, I help these visitors fill out paperwork and thoroughly explain the payroll schedule and system in a manner that makes sense to each in order to address concerns and answer questions. I also encounter visitors or speak to those over the phone with an array of problems ranging from new hire paperwork to campus issues. My work at STAMP has helped me practiced fully listening to the visitor’s problem, asking clarifying questions to better understand their concern and need, and utilizing resources in order to help solve their problem. In addition, I receive a multitude of projects from the third floor’s staff. These projects include analyzing event expenses, organizing department budgets, assisting with human resource events, creating and editing campus surveys and more. I try to complete each project with a meticulous eye and considerable effort in order to provide each staff member with their desired output. After graduation this May, I will be working as a Risk Advisor with EY. As a consultant in a client-facing role, my position requires excellent client service skills and the ability to understand and solve the client’s problem. Because of my work in the Administrative Office at STAMP, I could not feel more prepared for the workforce."