Join the Pool Party with DOTS

A cartoon car on the road with confetti being thrown out the windows announces the DOTS Pool Party events
Monday, January 14, 2019

Seeking a new commute option for the new year? Join the party!

This spring, DOTS will be hosting a Rideshare Pool Party event series to help UMD commuters connect with other university colleagues that share a commute. By ridesharing, we mean carpools and vanpools. This handy blog post explains the benefits of each.

DOTS is offering exclusive incentives, prizes and rewards for any new pool that forms at the events: 

  • Vanpool: All registered vanpools receive 50% discount for the first 6 months.
    **Pool Party Special Promotion**: New vanpools that form will receive the first month free! Drivers and Vanpool Coordinators will receive the first 2 months free!
  • Carpool: All registered carpools receive 50% off of their carpool permit and a Bundle Pack (10 daily parking passes) for each carpooler.
    **Pool Party Special Promotion**: New carpools that form will receive 2 Bundle Packs for each carpooler. Existing carpool permit holders can receive an additional Bundle Pack by adding a 3rd person to their pool.


If you're interested in trying ridesharing, RSVP for one of DOTS' ridesharing "pool" parties this semester! Upcoming events are for faculty and staff only, but DOTS will be hosting a student party later in the semester.


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