Fraternity Row/Graham Cracker HOUSING UPDATE - COVID-19

The following message was emailed to Graham Cracker and Fraternity Row House Corporations, RD's, HD's and Chapter Presidents from Matt Supple, Director of Fraternity & Sorority Life, on Friday, March 20, 2020.

Greetings all,

Earlier today, Governor Hogan advised all University System of Maryland (USM) institutions to extend online education for the remainder of the semester. The USM Board of Regents this evening approved this guidance, and Dr. Loh sent an email announcing that all UMD online instruction, which had already been scheduled to start on March 30, 2020, will continue through the end of this academic year. In light of Dr. Loh's email, we want to provide you information about the move-out and check-out processes from the 21 University-owned chapter houses. Please note that any of the information provided is subject to change based on State and National guidelines and updates. 

All undergraduate students living in a university-owned fraternity or sorority house - whether you remain on campus at this time or are currently traveling for spring break - will be required to return to your permanent home residence or to an alternative non-campus housing arrangement for the remainder of the Spring semester. 

Very soon, we will ask your Resident Director (RD), House Director (HD), or a DFSL staff member to be in touch with you to schedule check out times from your house. The schedule will stagger the times available over one week in order to maintain the distancing recommended by the CDC. The first day of move-out for some houses will be Monday, March 30; for others, the first day of move-out will be Tuesday, March 31. Sign-ups will be available according to the following schedule:

Monday, March 30th and Wednesday, April 1st
Fraternity Row houses: #1 (KA), #3 (ZBT), #5 (PKT), #7 (LXA), #9 (ASP), #11 (AEPhi), #13 (ZP)
Graham Cracker houses: PSS, DPE, DG

Tuesday, March 31st and Thursday, April 2nd
Fraternity Row houses: #2 (PSK), #4 (AEPi), #6 (BTP), #8 (GPB), #10 (SK), #12 (ZTA), #14 (SX)
Graham Cracker houses: ADP, AXO, SDT, AP

Friday, April 3rd  - Sunday, April 5th will be available for anyone who cannot arrange to move out on their scheduled date. All houses will be closed starting April 6th.  All students are required to move out of the house to complete your studies at home or an alternative non-campus residence in support of social distancing and students' health and well-being.

If you are sick or in a high risk category, please let your contact person know so that they can make alternative arrangements with you. 

A two-hour checkout period will be available to each resident over the course of each day. Residents will be able to swipe in and access their rooms during their sign up period. Please let the scheduler know if a key is needed so they can leave that for you to pick up. Once you have completed your checkout, please fill out the forms left on your door and put them in the RD/HD's mailbox or under their door. If there are any questions during move out please call the number that will be posted on the RD/HD's door. 

We are asking that each resident only bring the people necessary to pack and move their belongings. We are trying to minimize contact/risk as much as possible. We will provide gloves at the front door and will encourage everyone to wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water before, during and after the process. We will have cleaning staff coming through the buildings intermittently to clean the high touch surfaces.

We are doing our best to meet your needs while maintaining the safest practices and procedures for you and for our staff. Thank you for your help and understanding. If you have additional questions about this move-out procedure, please wait until you hear from your RD, HD or other representative. You may also reach out to me with any questions. For questions about other issues such as summer and future housing, rent rebates, etc., we will provide updates to our House Corporation partners and others once we have enough information available to make sound decisions about the future. Remember you can find the latest general information about the University here

Again thank you for your partnership.  Please continue to find ways to remain healthy, safe and well. 

Matthew Supple, Ph.D.
pronouns: he, him, his
Director | Department of Fraternity & Sorority Life
University of Maryland
(301) 314-7781