Wall of Fame

Tracy Kiras
Coordinator for Leadership Programs, Resident Life
Tracy accomplishes amazing things through her unique brand of hard work, building highly-effective relationships across campus, painstaking attention to detail, creative use of resources and a well-spring of positive energy. Tracy Kiras is a Division of Student Affairs 2015 Outstanding Service Award Winner.
Sara Lopez
Food Service Aide 1, Dining Services
Sara has an amazing ability to impact students’ lives.  She is a rock for so many students that go through the day to day rigors of life away from home... Students recognize her thoughtfulness and genuine spirit.”   Sara Lopez is a Division of Student Affairs 2015 Outstanding Service Award Winner.
Brian Watkins
Director for Parent and Family Affairs
As a supervisor, Brian encourages and invests in his grads.  He encourages innovation while providing guidance and context; he helps with professional development and he has an open door policy of encouragement. Brian Watkins is a Division of Student Affairs 2015 Outstanding Service Award winner.
Dan Wray
Assistant Director for Facilties, Adele H. Stamp Student Union - Center for Campus Life
Dan has been solely responsible for the development and implementation of the Stamp’s Sustainability and Green Initiatives which has placed Stamp as a national leader in student union sustainability initiatives and programs.” Dan Wray is a Division of Student Affairs 2015 Outstanding Service Award Winner.
Brooke Lecky Supple
Chief of Staff, Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs
Brooke Lecky Supple serves as the chairperson for the Division of Student Affairs Work-Life Initiative where she developed a vision, mission, key values and parameters that guide supervisors and staff members as they navigate work-life integration issues.  Using these guiding principles she then developed resources and support for staff members as they... Read more
Tesfaye Bogale
Electrician, Dining Services
Tesfaye Bogale is an electrician in the Department of Dining Services.  He is known for going above and beyond the call of duty to do whatever is necessary to ensure that students, staff and faculty have a wonderful experience with Dining Services.  He shovels dining hall roofs in the snow and pitches in to grill burgers at concessions. Mr. Bogale is a... Read more
Sharon Kirkland-Gordon
Director, University Counseling Center
Sharon Kirkland-Gordon is the Director of the University of Maryland Counseling Center.  She has a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the State University of New York at Buffalo.  She is a Special Member of the Graduate Faculty and Staff Psychologist.  Her counseling interests include: Training and supervision, sexual abuse/assault/harassment, domestic... Read more
Joe Mullineaux
Senior Associate Director, Dining Services
Joe Mullineaux is the Senior Associate Director of Dining Services.  Ever since he was a student dishwasher at Maryland over 30 years ago, Joe has dedicated himself to providing the best experience for everyone who steps into the dining halls.  He is committed to sustainability and service to all guests of dining services.  He was instrumental in bringing... Read more